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Image is becoming ever more important in the world. Projecting an image that is a true reflection of your home or business is more relevant than ever. The exterior of your home or business is the place to start. If the outside or your property is dull, damaged and lifeless, you are already on the back foot. We here at Garland House Painting are here to help you. We offer a range of painting services with the aim of maintaining an image which shows off the best of your home or business. We don’t just stop there. We take it one step further than that. So whatever painting services you need around your home, we can provide them.

About Us

We operate with a simple aim: to help you maintain the beautiful or professional image you have worked so hard to create. We know the effort and energy you pour into your home. This is only to have a vast array of forces stacked against you that want to destroy your hard work. We simply don’t think that’s fair. Your hard work deserves reward. That’s why our Garland painting contractors work tirelessly to ensure reward for your effort. We do this by helping you maintain the overall look of your homes paint job. A bright, well painted home or business looks a whole lot better than a poor, dull one. And, better still, it presents a far better image.


    Our Services

    The first thing many people do when looking to paint their home is go online, searching something along the lines of “Painting companies near me Garland,” then spending hours going through all the results. Don’t waste your time. We are the answer the you have been looking for. We are Garland painting services at it’s best. Wherever you or live or whatever type of business you own, we can help you to liven it up and create a fresh now look with a new paint job. We offer both interior and exterior services and a range of other niche services including popcorn ceiling removal, cabinet painting and apartment painting.

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    Interior House Painting

    From time to time we desire a bit of a change at home. Things can just start to become a bit stale. Our team at residential painter Dallas can provide a bold, vibrant, fresh coat of paint which may be just the thing you need to liven things up. Spice things up at your home with a dash of new color. We are the Garland interior painters that can paint the interior of your home for and getting it looking brand new.

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    Exterior House Painting

    The exterior of your home sends a message to the rest of the world. If your paint is dull, cracked or otherwise lifeless, it can send all the wrong messages. We know you work hard to present your home in the best light. So why let dull paint ruin your hard work? Painting the exterior of your home doesn’t have to be chore. We can do it for you. We are Garland exterior painting made easy.

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    Cabinet Painting and Staining

    Cabinets are another area of your home that can use some living up from time to time, just to help you give off the best impression of your home. We provide both cabinet painting and staining, both which have their respective advantages. Both can help to really boost the stunning impression your home gives off.

    “We hired Garland House Painting to paint the exterior of our home to give it more protection in the weather and improve the appearance of our home. I’m glad we chose them, they did an amazing job, quickly. The results really speak for themselves.” Jeffery. D

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    “After doing some research on the internet, my wife and decided to get the popcorn ceiling in our home removed. We were a little worried because we read it was delicate job. Garland House Painting handled it with no problems. Now we can rest easy.” Mason. P

    Garland House Painting - Cabinet Painting and Staining 1

    “We had our cabinets stained by Garland House Painting. They look really stunning and amazing now. They did a terrific job.” Matthew. K

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    Popcorn Removal

    Popcorn ceilings were a type of ceiling finish that was once in vogue. Today, they are far less common because the large number of downsides they were found to have. In most cases people are having them removed for their homes. We offer a popcorn removal service to help with this delicate process. In many cases having them removed is best to get piece of mind for you and your family.

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    Apartment Painting

    Getting your apartment painted is another way to really spice things up. Apartments have limited space, using the paintwork to keep things interesting and looking spacious is great way to get around this problem. On top of this, it can add real value for a future sell or if it is an investment property. We also provide a service dedicated to painting apartments. This is so you can enjoy a stunning place to call home, no matter where you choose to live.

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    Commercial Painting

    It’s not just homes that are dependent upon presenting a good image. If you are a business owner you know the importance of having a good, professional image. It’s crucial for your success. So if the exterior or interior of your building is made to look bad by old worn paint, it can have significant impact. That’s why you need us, the Garland commercial painters. We can help you make sure your business is presenting the best possible image.

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    Contact Us Today

    Getting your home or business professionally painted, either inside or out, is a great way to create an amazing feeling of ambience and give off the right impression. If this sounds like something you are after, you can contact our amazing team and get the process started. We are the Garland painting company dedicated to get you the best. Please also talk with our amazing team and ensure we can offer you our range of services at your exact location.