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About Us

Garland House Painting - About

We know how hard you work to create a good image and impression of your home. For business owners we know you need to work doubly hard, as image is tied inseparably to your success. Yet there are so many things that can go wrong and destroy the image and impression you try to create. We here at Garland House Painting think that’s a real injustice and our driving aim is a simple one: maintain your image. We want to re-write the rules and make them fair, so we exist solely to help you, the homes and businesses of Garland TX, maintain the beautiful image you have worked so hard to create.

We are both the home painters in Garland and the Garland commercial painters that can get you the best results. Interior or exterior, we can help you present an amazing image and really impress everyone that comes by. Let us work hard you don’t have to, and make sure that none of you hard work when it comes to your home or business goes to waste because of old, dull or damaged paint. It’s a simple decision, we think. You could Google “Painting companies near me” and waste hours of your time trawling through all the hundreds of results. Or you could simply talk to the company you know can really deliver for you. You know are goals and aims. You know what you’ll get. Don’t let anything detract from giving the best reflection of your home or business.